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Zemits DermeLuxx

Fluid Microdermabrasion Full-Featured System
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Why Choose Zemits DermeLuxx?

Reason why you need to know
Zemits DermeLuxx - the Evolution of Hydrodermabrasion.
The latest Full-Featured Skincare Device that brings freedom to skincare professionals and amazing skin results to your customers. The Zemits DermeLuxx unique skin-perfecting technology combines:
Fluid Microdermabrasion - the New Generation of Hydrodermabrasion
Oxygen Infusion
Cold hammer
Zemits DermeLuxx - the Technology created for YOU
It is time for DermeLuxx - the new era of Hydrodermabrasion Facials.

Non-invasive, non-dripping, and non-costly skin-resurfacing treatment, designed to help estheticians and their customers to meet their goals.

The synergy of advanced Zemits Skincare Products Line and DermeLuxx delivers instantly radiant skin to clients and boosts business to skincare professionals. Unlike traditional hydrodermabrasion technologies, which require a large product use, the DermeLuxx technology requires 10 times less product, therefore helps you manage expenses while achieving even better results for the skin due to smart treatment protocols. Fluid exfoliation with Diamond resurfacing and Vacuum extractions, followed by Oxygen infusion and Cooling skin-toning allows deep skin cleansing and rejuvenation.  
More information about Zemits DermeLuxx 
The DermeLuxx has not just 1 modality to perform a combined effect, but it is an actual multifunctional platform of 3 individual applicators for precise treatments and instant skin-improving results. Unlike the regular hydrodermabrasion technologies, the DermeLuxx cares about your investments.

Here is a simple explanation of why DermeLuxx is the choice of aestheticians for 2021.
DermeLuxx is created to let you control the amount of serum used for each facial
A majority of regular hydrodermabrasion devices run a big amount of serum from the jar to the waste container with a very short serum-skin reacting time.

Zemits has changed and improved this dilemma:
Now you are able to use the active concentrated serums in an extremely small amount to perform even deeper exfoliation, rejuvenation, and extractions. By a small amount, we mean up to 20 times less than a regular hydrodermabrasion facial. Only 5 ml of serum is needed for the entire face and neck with the Fluid DermeLuxx Treatment.
Here is simple math:
  • Regular Hydrodermabrasion devices use 2-4 fl oz of serum per facial.
  • So one 16 fl oz bottle can last only for 4-8 facials.

With the Fluid MicroDermabrasion DermeLuxx System, one 16 fl oz serum bottle will last up to 100 facials.
Here are more benefits:
With a Fluid Microdermabrasion skin stays in contact with the serum up to 10 times longer than with regular Hydrodermabrasion devices.

Forget about the uncomfortable sensation of dripping and leaking of the serum. The new generation of Fluid MicroDermabrasion has a smart and user-oriented treatment protocol.
 Zemits Hydro Serum
No need to overuse the product or dilute it with water - only 5 ml of pure Zemits Hydro Serum is needed to perform an effective and complete Fluid Microdermabrasion Treatment.

As for skincare professionals, DermeLuxx’s users can customize their treatments to perfectly fit the needs of every customer. Select your ideal Zemits Hydro Serum and the specific DermeLuxx Tip with a proper diamond abrasion grid.
An advanced DermeLuxx Facial uses a skin-logical and exciting protocol. Step 1.
Skin Cleansing and Topical Application of the Active Exfoliating Zemits Hydro Serum.

This step allows the skin to absorb the serum, soften keratinocytes, and prepare the skin for a deeper exfoliation and extractions.
  1. Zemits HydroClear Clarifying HydroPeeling Solution
  2. Zemits SalicPure Skin Purifying HydroPeeling Solution
Step 2
Diamond Fluid MicroDermabrasion performed on the skin where the serum is applied.

This step provides deep skin exfoliation with the unique DermeLuxx Diamond tips. The DermeLuxx wand easily glides on the wet skin surface, and vacuum helps to collect debris from pores and dead skin cells.
Step 3
Smooth Fluid Extractions of blackheads and clogged pores with a transparent DermeLuxx Tip.

This step provides comfortable and deep pore cleansing. As the serum is working with the skin much longer (compared with regular hydro treatments), the DermeLuxx allows to remove sebum from pores and extract blackheads leaving the skin visibly cleaner.
Step 4
This is a final step of the unique DermeLuxx Facial, that helps to shrink pores, dramatically improve blood and lymphatic stimulation, even skin tone, stimulate collagen production, and leaves the skin illuminating with a healthy glow.  
Step 5
Hydrating and Calming Oxygen Infusion performed with the Oxygen serum of your choice.

This step provides deep skin hydration with an intense flow of Oxy Serums to stimulate skin turnover, boost collagen production, increase skin elasticity, and infuse skin with minerals and vitamins.

Zemits OxyTight Skin Repairing & Boosting Serum  
1. Fluid Microdermabrasion with DermeLuxx
The DermeLuxx Fluid Microdermabrasion gently removes the dead skin cells and extracts blackheads, while the unique DermeLuxx wand is gliding over the moist skin where Peeling serum is topically applied. The esthetician applies the serum over the face, neck, and decollete to address the specific skin concerns. Only 5 ml of active serum is needed to perform the entire Fluid Microdermabrasion session. This way the serum is partially absorbed by the skin and reacts with the skin deeper.

The next step is the Fluid Diamond Exfoliation over the moist skin. This step brightens the skin and reduces pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. Additionally smoothes skin, stimulates cell turnover, improves local blood, and lymphatic stimulation.

The DermeLuxx Fluid Microdermabrasion is a state of the art technology that combines:
Chemical Fluid Peeling
Mechanical Diamond Exfoliation
Vacuum Extraction  
All 3 actions are performed with one advanced applicator
The DermeLuxx Fluid Microdermabrasion wand has a unique structure with a fluid-cumulating filter and a variety of abrasive tips.

The unique Double Diamond Tips have a specific shape and twice larger abrasive surface compared to regular dry or hydro microderm to improve exfoliation process, and twice smaller vacuum opening to reduce vacuum suction skin overstretching.

The gentle Exfoliation Ruffle Tips are diamond-free, these tips are designed to perform fluid wet microdermabrasion on sensitive and acne skin. Abrasion-free surface allows gentle superficial exfoliation. The following step is extractions.

The Clear Extraction Tips have smooth edges and transparency that allows fluid gliding over the opened skin pores and pain-free deep extractions of sebum from pores. After this step skin became visually cleaner and brighter with the effect of “empty” pores.  
2. Oxygen Infusion with DermeLuxx
Oxygen infusion is the splendid hydrating step of the DermeLuxx Treatment.

The Oxygen Infusion allows infusing the skin with immense hydration and restoration. Any residing irritation or redness will be eliminated.

Additional benefits include an increased youthful appearance, smooth skin, and accelerated hydration for a brighter complexion.  
Oxygen Infusion is performed with one of three Zemits Oxygen Serums to deliver soothing and replenishing results deep into the skin. The DermeLuxx Oxygen Infusion increases blood and lymphatic circulation thus stimulating skin renewal and providing essential nutrients for skin health. 

DermeLuxx Oxygen Infusion is indicated to treat:
Acne, oily, and combination skin
Hyperpigmentation, post-acne pigmentations, and acne scarring
Aging, fine lines, and wrinkles
3. Cold hammer Tightening with DermeLuxx
The cold temperature application is a final step of a unique DermeLuxx Facial. This step dramatically improves local skin metabolism that results in:
Drastically increased blood and lymph circulation
Instant reduction of puffiness and visible face lifting
Decreasing of pigmentation
Effectively boosted collagen and elastin production
What you receive with your new Zemits DermeLuxx:
Zemits DermeLuxx System
Fluid Microdermabrasion wand
2 sets of Diamond Tips: 100, 150, 200
Set of Gentle Exfoliation Tips
Set of Clear Extraction
Tips Fluid Collection Filter
Protective Filter
Oxygen Infusion Gun
Сold hammer Applicator
Users Manual
Treatment Protocols
Two-Year Warranty  

Features of Zemits Zemits DermeLuxx

What are Benefits you will get?

Durable handpieces 

Uniquely designed applicators for both face and body all in one system. The medical grade applicators are built for long-term use and light up blue when on. 

Very low temperature 

Temperature reaches very low but safe ranges with specific preset programs for your convenience. Negative Celsius temperature ranges are proven to achieve great cooling slimming, tightening or lifting goals. 

Friendly interface 

Pre-programmed settings for targeted treatments. No need to worry about complicated setting adjustments for each treatment, CoolRestore Elegance sets the treatment based on your menu selections. 


Only requires distilled water instead of coolant so safer system and easier maintenance. This also keeps consumable cost low for your business, making it a highly profitable treatment. 

Comfortable design 

Unique, high-end and lightweight design. The completely unique CoolRestore Elegance case is a table top size unit packed with all the power of larger units, making it ideal for any treatment room. 

Simply select your treatment 

Smart and user-friendly interactive computer system that helps navigate treatment with ease. Maneuver the smart system using the “step-by-step” menu interface. Simply select your treatment, intensity, set the time, and CoolRestore Elegance takes care of the rest. 

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Zemits DermeLuxx Fluid Microdermabrasion Full-Featured System


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Zemits DermeLuxx Fluid Microdermabrasion Full-Featured System
Zemits DermeLuxx Fluid Microdermabrasion Full-Featured System
Zemits DermeLuxx Fluid Microdermabrasion Full-Featured System
Zemits DermeLuxx Fluid Microdermabrasion Full-Featured System
Zemits DermeLuxx Fluid Microdermabrasion Full-Featured System
Zemits DermeLuxx Fluid Microdermabrasion Full-Featured System
Zemits DermeLuxx Fluid Microdermabrasion Full-Featured System
Zemits DermeLuxx Fluid Microdermabrasion Full-Featured System
Zemits DermeLuxx Fluid Microdermabrasion Full-Featured System
Zemits DermeLuxx Fluid Microdermabrasion Full-Featured System
  • Packed Size

    50 x 40 x 40 cm
  • Weight

    12 Kg
  • Warranty

    24 Months
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