Warranty&Return Policy

Refund and Return Policy


We understand that deciding on a new piece of aesthetic equipment to purchase is not always easy. You want to be 100% confident in the high quality and reliability of your new system. That is why Zemits offers 2+ years warranty and life-time customer support to all Zemits equipment.
  • Warranty: 020 8644 6377
  • Training: 020 8241 6399


We thank you for your purchase, and with this warranty registration, we confirm the warranty for the above goods. The guaranteed start date is the date of sale of the goods. 



Your Zemits Warranty general rules:

This warranty is valid for services under warranty to be provided by the manufacturer's official service centres. It only covers branded products sold by Zemits UK Ltd in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

The warranty provides repair service in the event of the breakdown of any functioning part of your product for the period stated above.
A presentation of a defective device must accompany all claims, including proof of purchase that shows the device was purchased 24 months before the date of claim. These must be produced prior to the warranty service being carried out. Otherwise, Zemits UK Ltd reserves the right to reject the warranty claim.

If we can't repair your item, we'll replace it or offer the nearest equivalent product.
Please note that the service under Zemits warranty is subject to a 24-hour inspection before making any decision. The warranty covers parts and labour but not shipping costs. Zemits provides professional packaging and padding during the purchase. We strongly recommend keeping it safe during the warranty period so your machine can be securely protected during transportation.


Your Zemits Warranty excludes: 

  • Repairs due to breakdown caused by use other than intended purposes
  • Deliberate damage to or neglect of the product or failure to follow the manufacturer's instructions and installation guidelines. Unsafe and improper transportation of the product.
  • The warranty will also be void if any damage is caused due to incorrect storage, in cases of breakage caused by pollution and incorrect care for the device. 
  • The warranty does not apply to deteriorating parts due to natural wear and tear, suits or fabric parts.
  •  The warranty does not extend to consumable pieces such as fuses, attachments, or power cords that may suffer premature failure due to everyday wear and tear.
  • Cosmetic/physical damage and/or non-functional parts which do not affect the normal use of the product, including device rim, scratches and rust due to improper maintenance.
  • Accidental damage, servicing, inspecting or cleaning of the device.
  • Product warranty is invalidated if the recommended filter cartridge or cleaning solutions are not used or if the filter is set up incorrectly, including unblocking connecting tubing and airflow channels.
  • Any loss suffered as a result of not being able to use the product or any loss over and above the purchase price of the original item.


Please note we reserve the right to charge for the expense of a service call when no fault has been found with the product on inspection.

Failure to report product damage on delivery within 7 days of arrival.

Zemits is not responsible for any costs of service due to the following reasons:

  • Any defect caused by accident, misuse, unauthorised modification, or repair not authorised by Zemits.
  • If the equipment has traces of extraneous interference or there was an attempt to repair the device yourself.
  • Any damage caused by the ingress of foreign objects, media, liquids, insects, etc., into the device.
  • Damage by natural factors, e.g. weather elements and domestic factors such as increased humidity, dust or a hostile environment.
  •   In instances that violation of seals established by the manufacturer or seller is tampered with when changing the configuration, software or when using consumables, spare parts, blocks or accessories other than those recommended by the equipment manufacturer.
  • Incorrect care consists of; improper or unprofessional maintenance or excessive loading or load, misuse in the presence of traces of mechanical and transport damage, insufficient or improper installation or assembly by the customer's personnel, as well as non-compliance by the user with the technical requirements and manufacturer's instructions regarding assembly, operation disinfection and maintenance.

Important: Zemits provides free training on all devices and products. Failure to complete the online portal and practical session with our educator may void your warranty.

You have statutory rights in relation to your product, and those rights are not affected by this guarantee. 

Making a claim on your warranty:

  • If your product develops a fault:
  • Look for any obvious reasons for the breakdown and consult the troubleshooting guide in the user’s manual.
  • Visit our contact us page if you're still having problems with your device
  • Please have your model and date of purchase to hand when you call. You’ll find all of this information on your User’s Manual – this acts as your warranty, so please make sure you keep it safe

Please contact our dedicated team at service@zemits.co.uk


The transportation of the defective product is carried out at the expense of the client at the address provided. Zemits UK ltd is not liable for any damage accrued during transportation. The warranty repair period depends on the severity of the issue and may take 5 to 15 working days.
We aim to fix, repair or replace the device within 5 working days. If the repair is not possible to complete by the service centre, the faulty goods are sent for repair to the manufacturer; in this instance, the warranty repair may take longer.
Zemits UK will not provide courtesy machines or parts during the service time.

Although very rarely, faults can occur, and we understand that it is frustrating when there is a problem with your machine or products, we will try to resolve it as soon as possible. However, Zemits UK cannot be liable for any loss of earnings, loss of business, negligence, accidents, product malfunctioning or any harm caused to the user or customers when there is a problem with your product or usage. This applies during and after the warranty period. 

If your product develops a fault:

Look for any obvious reasons for the breakdown and consult the troubleshooting guide in the user's manual.
Visit our contact us page if you're still having problems with your device and book virtual consultation with a specialist.
Please have your model and date of purchase to hand when you call. You'll find all of this information on your User's Manual – this acts as your warranty, so please make sure you keep it safe.

Important: To receive speedy service and support with your device or product, we must receive pictures and videos of the issue before we can advise on the next step. Log-in information will help our team plan how to provide the best assistance and avoid mishaps and misunderstandings. In many cases, the issues can be identified and solved remotely, so we may ask you to arrange a virtual call with a product specialist shortly after the problem is reported.

A new device was found damaged on delivery

New devices found damaged when first opening packaging or found damaged during transportation must not be used. Likewise, if the product malfunctions during its first use, customers must not use it to perform any treatments. In these cases, customers must contact Zemits customer service representative, who will provide them with an appropriate solution. Any damage should be reported immediately and within seven days of purchase. In this circumstance, Zemits will repair or replace defective equipment at no charge. This limited warranty is the customer's exclusive remedy and applies only to new Zemits products.
Zemits reserves the right to refuse the warranty claim if a customer fails to report the problem within 7 days of purchase.



Refund and Return Policy

If you wish to return your merchandise within 30 days of your original date of purchase.
  • 30 days have not passed from the date of purchase
  • The product was not in use
  • Passport and sales receipt
  • Exchange or refund at the company office